empty or full


You know deep down that dieting is futile, that you want off the lose weight-regain weight roller coaster and you’re starting to think that Intuitive Eating might be for you. So how do you start learning to eat intuitively? By honoring your hunger.

Honor your hunger is the 2nd principle of Intuitive Eating.

You may be wondering what it means to honor your hunger.  Simple – Eat when you are physically hungry!

Now that you are a non-dieter, gone are the days of waking hungry and using coffee to blunt your appetite. If you wake hungry, you eat.

And no more eating every 2-3 hours to “stoke your metabolism”. If you are actually hungry every 2-3 hours, you eat. If not, you wait until you are hungry.

It’s lunch time and you aren’t hungry. You don’t eat.

If you skip dinner because you aren’t hungry and wake at 2am starving, you eat.

Skipping meals and letting yourself get over-hungry will surely make any attempt at moderation more difficult leading to overeating (and even bingeing) when you do decide to eat. Also, being over hungry will generally make you eat faster not giving your body time to let you know you are satisfied before you’re stuffed. Finally, not eating when you’re hungry sends you the message that you need to restrict, limit or starve yourself, none of which are necessary or recommended to manage your weight with intuitive eating.

So if you aren’t hungry right now, keep reading our blog articles on Intuitive Eating or contact us to set up your first Intuitive Eating coaching session. And, if  you ARE hungry, go eat!