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Eating “Clean” Will Not Get You into Heaven (and Other Thoughts About Clean Eating)

Eating “Clean” Will Not Get You into Heaven (and Other Thoughts About Clean Eating)

There is no definition of clean when it comes to nutrition. When somebody says they are eating clean it really just means that they are restricting themselves to a list of foods that they personally see as pure and good (whatever they have determined those are) and avoiding foods they have determined are “unclean”.

When people who consider themselves clean eaters cheat or veer from their clean eating strategy and eat something “not-so-clean” it implies that they are doing something bad or shameful by eating a “dirty” food.

When did it become sinful or immoral to eat sugar? or bread? Why are people being taught to feel shame if they eat a doughnut?

You are not good because you only eat “clean” foods any more than that you are bad if you eat junk foods. What you put in your mouth does not determine the content of your character.

Eating clean is just a convenient way for people who consider themselves above diets to diet under the guise of being healthy.

Studies show that any way of eating that restricts you to a certain type or class of food will eventually drive you to crave and binge on the foods you do not allow yourself which is why people who “eat clean” find themselves cheating on their diet (that isn’t a diet) by eating junk food.

What about if we just ate when we were hungry and stopped when when we were full? Or if we just ate whatever we wanted… Not the food we “should” eat avoiding the food we “shouldn’t” eat — but the food we enjoyed and the food that made our body feel fueled and satisfied? Well, that nutrition philosophy is called “Intuitive Eating” and research says we’d not only be happier but we’d be healthier if we ate that way!

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