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What to Do (Instead of Eating) to Cope with Feelings

Do you use food to cope with life? Anxiety, loneliness, boredom, worry and anger are emotions every human experiences. Although food may comfort you for the short term, distract you temporarily from your pain, help you zone out for a moment or even numb you into a “food hangover”, food won’t solve the problems that drive you to eat or abolish any of your negative feelings. If anything, eating for emotional hunger instead of physical hunger will only make you feel worse. When you are finished eating, you will still have to deal with the issues that drove you to eat — as well as negative emotions you might feel about eating.

Learning how to eat intuitively means learning how to eat when you are hungry and how to cope in other ways when what is driving you to eat is life and not a physical need for nourishment.

Ways to cope without food are many and include:

– sitting down and focusing on solving the problem that is driving you to eat
– Sitting with and experiencing the feelings until they pass
– writing about your feelings
– playing a game
– phoning a friend
– listening to music or a podcast
– practicing an instrument
– fixing something that is broken
– redecorating a room in your house
– browsing the internet
– watching tv or a movie
– gardening
– exercising
– taking a shower or bath
– cleaning out a closet
– sweeping the porch
– playing or just cuddling with your dog
– interacting on social media
– reading
– counting your blessings
– praying

What are some of the ways that you cope besides eating?