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Do You Really Need to Be Thin or Do You Just Want to be Loved?

Do you feel like you have to be thin to feel loved, cherished, respected, or cared for? If so, ask yourself…

Who do you love because they are thin?
Who do you want to spend time with because of their flat stomach?
Who makes you laugh with their slenderness?? Or supports you with their shapely arms?
Who has changed your life, helped you when you needed it, or saved you when you needed saving – with their thigh gap?
And who will you remember when they are gone because they don’t take up much space?

I personally have never loved, cherished, appreciated, needed, respected, or found anybody more interesting or lovable because they were thin, “in shape”, fit into certain size jeans, weighed less than me, had defined muscles, or couldn’t pinch an inch.

Have you?