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What to Eat When You are Eating Intuitively

So as an Intuitive Eater, what are you supposed to eat?

After many years of dieting this might be a complicated question for you. You may have so many foods on your forbidden list that it might be hard to find anything you will allow yourself to eat. You might be so used to following a plan or a list of good/bad foods that you no longer know your own preferences —  or you might not feel you are capable of choosing after years of having others tell you what you should or shouldn’t eat.

Stop the food fight!

Start eating what you want.

Eliminate the concept of “good” foods and “bad” foods.

Eat what will be satisfying and will make you feel good.

Give yourself unconditional permission to eat what sounds good.

This might involve a lot of experimentation. It might mean bringing back all the foods you’ve eliminated from your life because somebody, somewhere at some point said you shouldn’t eat them because they had “too many” calories or “too many” carbs or “too much” fat or that they just weren’t “good for you”.

Eat what you want and simply make mental notes of how you feel eating them, how satisfying they are and – importantly- how you feel after eating them. (Do you crash and feel like taking a nap or are you energized? Do you get a headache or feel great? Are you physically satisfied or do you feel drawn back to the kitchen to eat more 30 minutes later?)

The more you restrict the foods you really would prefer to eat the more likely you are to eventually binge on these same foods – or on other substitute foods that you stocked your kitchen with because they were supposedly “less fattening” or “better for you”.

Making peace with food means you no longer have to be conflicted when it comes to choosing what to eat. You eat what you want. You make love, not war, with food.