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Why Food Rules Drive You to Eat More of The Foods You Are Trying to Avoid

Want off the dieting chain gang???? Challenge the Food Police!!

The 4th Principle of Intuitive Eating is to challenge the voices in your head (the “Food Police”) that tell you that you are “good” for eating a certain way and “bad” for eating another way.

The Food Police monitor the collection of rules that you have created as you have gone on and off diets. As soon as you’d like to enjoy a piece of birthday cake or reach for a cookie, you’ll hear the Food Police spit out negative comments, hopeless indictments, and guilt-provoking criticisms. 

There is no morality tied to nourishing your body a certain way or to enjoying the taste of food!!!

You are not good if you stay on a diet and bad if you fall off.

You are not “better” when you weigh less or “worse” when you are heavier.

The way you eat is not a reflection of your worth.

The irony of the Food Police is that the intent of all the policing is to keep us from eating certain foods. The reality is, the deprivation we feel when we don’t eat what we want (or the guilt and shame we feel when we go against the Police) only drives us to eat more!

Learning to silence the relentless Food Police is a critical step in returning to Intuitive Eating.