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Pleasure-Based Eating Vs. Rules-Based Eating

In our quest to be thin and/or to eat healthy, we often overlook the fact that eating should be a pleasurable experience.

Consider for a second….How much do you actually enjoy the diet and/or health foods that you have been eating?

Do you really always prefer a fruit smoothie over a milkshake?

Wouldn’t you rather have pizza sometimes instead of the chicken and broccoli you’ve been told you SHOULD eat?

Could you go the rest of your life without eating another bowl of oatmeal? or another flax seed?

Start seeking satisfaction then!

Eat what you love.  When you let yourself eat what you want, the pleasure you derive will help you feel like you’ve eaten enough sooner than if you eat what you think you “should” eat or are “supposed” to eat. Plus, when you aren’t feeling deprived you won’t be driven to overeat, binge or eat like its the “last supper” as often.

Start by asking yourself what you’d really like to eat (NOT what you “should” eat). Set the table, put out the “good china”, turn off distractions – make your meals special occasions. Focus on the taste and texture of what you are eating. Enjoy your food!

There is a big difference between standing in front of the fridge quickly and shamefully eating ice cream from the carton versus serving yourself that same ice cream in a beautiful bowl, sitting down to eat with a place setting and napkin and giving yourself time and permission to really focus on how good the ice cream tastes.

The more pleasurable you feel the eating experience is, the more likely you are to stop eating when your physical needs have been met.

So how do you learn to get the most satisfaction from your food? Learn to eat intuitively! Intuitive eating can help you get the most pleasure out of the food that you eat so that you are ready to stop eating when you’ve had enough.